Space Club

     Space Club is a year-long after school STEM program where students complete space-themed engineering design challenges building up to a rigorous design competition. New Worlds leverages the Communities In Schools affiliate network and school-based site coordinators to implement a national network of space-STEM programs.

     The fall semester of Space Club utilizes the Launchpad curriculum (described below) to build a foundation of STEM skills including team building activities and engineering design challenges such as rocketry, drag devices, and robotics. In the spring semester, students form teams and completed a semester-long STEM project to research and design a space city. 

Current location of Space Club programming:

  • San Antonio, Texas

  • Jacksonville, Florida

  • Galveston, Texas

  • Chicago, Illinois

Space Club Curriculum

     Space Club uses the Launchpad curriculum developed by New Worlds partner, Vivify STEM. This beginner program builds student confidence and interest in STEM along with foundational skills to successfully launch youth towards more rigorous STEM programming. Through project-based, standards-aligned STEM activities, middle school students are transformed into a team of astronauts challenged to complete 10 missions centered around a journey to a space destination: Moon, Mars, or Orbital Space Station. 

      Student teams work through engineering design challenges, apply science concepts, develop 21st century learning skills, and learn STEM career and real-world connections. Our New Worlds Await You NASA Johnson Space Center partner provided technical input to accurately integrate NASA missions and technologies throughout the curriculum.

STEM Family Nights

STEM Family Nights are a school-wide evening event to engage teachers, students, and family members in STEM. Developed by Communities In Schools of San Antonio and Vivify STEM, these events incorporate STEM fields through interactive hands-on engineering, science, and technology activities and demonstrations led by teachers and supported by volunteer STEM professionals in the surrounding community.

New Worlds Await You is a program of the WEX Foundation